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Vipers Esports Organization Signs New Rocket League Team in Time for RLCS 2022 Spring Split

May 5th, 2022 - For Immediate Release

Vipers Esports, LLC whose home base is located in North Carolina recently entered into talks with the re-invigorated and revived lotus rocket league roster. the roster consisting of long-term teammates Haberkamper, FirefoxD, and renaN all hailing from Brazil came to an agreement to represent the Vipers organization for the upcoming Rocket League Championship Series Spring Split.

The long-standing roster averaged no less than a top 4 finish during a-tier and b-tier RLCS and ELS brackets dating back to 2018 with only two roster changes since the adoption of the original team by Vault back in June 2017.

The organization as a whole is extremely excited about this new addition to the vipers family, Owner/CEO Disciple states, "I see this being a long term relationship between Vipers and Lotus. By coming together, I believe we can achieve great things. the vipers organization has always been about the quality of talent and giving support to that talent to the best of our abilities. Our main goal with this team is to qualify for the major at the end of the split and to showcase the talent of the lotus squad to the entire world of rocket league."

You can catch the newly dubbed vipers team in the upcoming spring split for rlcs 2021-22. keep an eye on our socials for any and all rocket league and vipers esports related updates

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