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Vipers eSports: Organization Continues in Rainbow Six Siege NACL

We congratulate our stage 2 roster, formerly known as “West Garfield Park,” on their 2022 stage finish. Working with the roster and having Snake and Ryce sign to larger organizations such as TSM and Luminocity is a joy. We also wish Bio and Valor good luck in their future endeavors and Slypery on the new addition to his family!

That said, Vipers Esports is proud to reveal our stage three Rainbow Six Siege challenger league team!

Signing this new, bold roster is an exciting opportunity for Vipers LLC. After their impressive top 5 finish in stage two of NACL 2022, it was apparent that "RentFree" would be a talented roster for Vipers to debut into the North American challenger league stage three. Headed by "Poison," the team consists of players Creators, Filthy, Max1ly, and Twiizt, alongside Wasp on staff. Watch them play today at 5:00pm EST on

Keep an eye out for more exciting Rainbow Six Siege news on our socials ( @VipersLLC ) or our website!

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